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Sheldrake Farmhouse Renovation

Sheldrake Farmhouse was a diamond in the rough when it was purchased in December 2017.  Design planning and renovations started immediately.  Removal of building additions added in the mid-20th century and exterior components which required updating was the first step in preparing the Farmhouse for its luxury rental debut.

Sheldrake Farmhouse Before Reno
Sheldrake Farmhouse Demo
Farmhouse Addition Construction

Maintaining as much character as the original structure while seamlessly incorporating a new addition with a gourmet kitchen, bunk room, laundry and garage, was critical to the owners.  Ensuring that the addition to the Farmhouse had the same character and timeless aesthetics of the 19th century structures took creativity and attention to detail. 

Exterior Remodel
Midway Through Exterior Construction
Exterior Remodel

Wood floors were removed, planed and used int eh two-story bedroom wing; logs from the property were turned into a farmhouse dining table and beams throughout the original structure were exposed and rehabbed to show their natural beauty.

Wood Floor Planing
Original Flooring Used in Two Story Section of Farmhouse
Logs Used for Dining Table

The same careful attention to detail was used when choosing the interior elements of the Farmhouse, as well as exterior.  This is evidenced by the meticulous tile work in the kitchen and mudroom and custom-made light fixture from cross beam in the living room.

Kitchen Floor Tile Work
Light Fixture Designed and Built by Chris
Exposed Beams of the Original House before Two Story Addition

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